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Motivated children learn quickly. The SoundSpell reading system “cracks the code of English” making learning to read both easy and enjoyable. Your child will progress rapidly, and, as their skills improve with this comprehensive system, their motivation will increase. In just 40 lessons your child can become a confident and accomplished reader. They’ll learn the logic of English by recognising patterns and using the tools I’ve developed and integrated into the SoundSpell Program.


If you:

  • are concerned about your child’s progress in English;
  • would you love to see your child read books with interest;
  • would you like to help your child with spelling but don’t know how;
  • know that your child is bright but still isn’t performing as well as they could be;
  • want to be certain your child has no gaps in his/her learning foundations;
  • are afraid your child might fall through the cracks and lose interest in school;

then you need a better way, and I am here to help you!

Hi, I’m Sufia, a qualified teacher with 18+ years experience.

I’m a mother of three and the developer of the SoundSpell reading program. I have taught in private, public and home-schooling settings for over 18 years; as both a classroom and specialist teacher. I am an accredited MULTILIT tutor and have completed numerous professional development courses including Focus on Reading, Grammar & Teaching, and Writing Good Assessments. I also have a Diploma of Professional Children’s Writing.


I’ve experienced the literacy crisis first-hand and it motivated me to do something about it. That’s why I’ve taken the time to develop a unique reading program to help your child - the SoundSpell Program. You can read more about my extensive experience here.

Why do many children find reading difficult?

Two main reasons:

  1. There is no standardised system in schools today. Some continue to use techniques that we know don’t work; other use a mix of systems. It’s really a reading lottery. Will your child be a winner or a casualty of this inadequate system? Read more about how reading is taught in schools.
  2. English is a difficult language. The inconsistent, illogical spelling of English words can be a real problem for students. To read more about the difficulties associated with learning to read English click here.

The SoundSpell System teaches your child to master the English code in just 40 lessons!

The SoundSpell Reading System uses a simple approach to learning the components of the English language in a fun way that takes away the guesswork and confusion, enabling your child to become a confident and competent reader.

The SoundSpell curriculum teaches your child:

  • The 44 sounds of English.
  • The 150 spelling variations of those sounds.
  • Over 90 Spelling rules are embedded in the lessons.
  • Three levels of spelling list words.
  • 300 of the highest frequency words, that make up 65% of written material.
  • A variety of written activities so they can practice the concepts.
  • Review exercises which consolidate all the concepts learned


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Who is the SoundSpell Program for?

All children can benefit from the SoundSpell Reading System but it is particularly helpful for children who:

  • are having difficulty with reading or spelling.
  • are no longer motivated to learn.
  • are falling behind in their other classes because they struggle with reading.
  • are intimidated in class because they just can’t grasp how the “English code” works.


Reading should be fun, as well as useful. It shouldn’t be intimidating. Let my SoundSpell program turn your child into a confident and accomplished reader.

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SoundSpell is offered in two modes.


Face-to-face courses for three different age groups are currently in progress. To enquire about the next intake of enrolments please click here.


The beta online course will launch very soon. Each lesson contains a video, downloadable workbooks, and  teacher book. This is best suited for parents who want to take a hands-on approach to their child’s learning and for children who work better in the home environment. For more information about the online course please click here.


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