The problem of English

One problem facing every student is the inconsistent, illogical spelling of English words says Bob Clecklar, in his award-winning book; ‘Lets end our literacy crisis’. He believes, the only solution is to radically reform our spelling system’

English is not completely Phonetic; Sounds and symbols do not correspond completely as there are 44 sounds with only 26 letters to represent them. Furthermore, there are numerous spellings of each individual sound. There are 150 of these graphemes in the Sound Spell program.

The good news is that a finite set of rules can be learned by anyone and saves years of rote learning or guessing

I delved into the history of English in order to understand how it works. Students, parents and teachers need to know how English works

For most students, just knowing there is a reason gives hope.

We can solve the literacy crises and prevent problems in future generations.


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